NEWS RELEASE #12: MERCY Malaysia has identified the location for 150 transit homes for people affected by the earthquake

PALU, 31 October 2018… MERCY Malaysia has identified Kelurahan Lere, Palu, as the location for the installation of 150 transit homes for people affected by the earthquake and tsunami four weeks ago. The transit home site was officiated today by Drs H Moh Hidayat Lamakarate, the District Secretariat of Central Sulawesi.

The city of Palu has begun its long and arduous journey to recovery, yet many remain displaced as their homes and entire life belongings were swept away during the tsunami. The AHA Centre estimates the number of displaced people to be 206,494.
Some villagers whose houses collapsed during the earthquake have tried to salvage what little they could from the rubble of what used to be their homes. “We greatly appreciate what MERCY Malaysia has done in Palu to help our people,” says Hidayat. “Since the disaster took place, many have lost their loved ones, their homes, and everything else. With MERCY Malaysia’s support, the people feel they have hope and a helping hand.”

Since the disaster happened, MERCY Malaysia has established 57 transit homes for over 60 families in two sites in the Tipo area. The upcoming 150 units at Kelurahan Lere is expected to be completed in 2 weeks’ time, and will include facilities such as toilets, water stations with tube wells, electricity, cooking areas, recreation areas, and a prayer room.
“The Kelurahan Lere site will also house a Child Friendly Space, where we will be conducting psychosocial activities for the local children whose schooling has been disrupted due to damaged schools,” says Norazam Ab Samah, MERCY Malaysia’s executive council member and team leader of the Palu humanitarian response.

MERCY Malaysia expects to continue providing aid to the people of Palu for the next three months, with plans to build at least 1,000 transit shelters and 10 communal toilets to address the severe lack of sanitation and hygiene. Funds are urgently needed to provide shelter and essential household items to more families whose lives are forever changed.
Contributions can be made to MERCY Humanitarian Fund (MBB 5621 7950 4126) or MERCY Malaysia (CIMB 8000-7929-08) or through All contributions are tax-exempted.



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