4-Wheel Drive Training

Project 4-Wheel Drive Training

To impart knowledge and hands-on training in 4WD handling to volunteers

Project Partners 4-Wheel Drive Training

Training for off-road driving, theoretical activities and hands on exercises

Locations Kota Kinabalu
Period February 2011

A total of 15 core volunteers participated


Most areas in Sabah are a mix of mountainous regions and tropical rain forests. Due to the state’s geographical character, some remote settlements can only be accessed via logging dirt-roads and the most appropriate vehicle to use is a 4-wheel drive. As such, it is imperative that volunteers are equipped with the necessary skills to handle off-road vehicles to reach our beneficiaries.


The training session was conducted by MERCY Malaysia Sabah Chapter Committee specifically for MERCY Malaysia’s volunteers in Sabah who have not had the necessary training required to handle off-road vehicle safely and efficiently. 15 core volunteers from various backgrounds took advantage of the training to learn the theoretical and practical aspect of handling off-road vehicles. MERCY Malaysia is planning to continue with the training programme but perhaps one that is specifically for female volunteers in order to enhance their capability.