AMDA Otsuchi Health Support Center

Project AMDA Otsuchi Health Support Center

• To help support the people affected by the Great East Japan • Earthquake and Tsunami return to everyday life post-disaster

Project Partners Association of Medical Doctors of Asia (AMDA)

• Acupuncture therapy • Yoga and exercise classes • Handcraft class • Baking and cooking classes

Locations Otsuchi-cho, Iwate Prefecture, Japan
Period 1 April 2013 – 31 March 2014

• Completing ‘frying-pan-baking’ class, which was taught by a well-known baking instructor from Tokyo • Students from this community are now certified instructors of the baking class

The disaster that hit Eastern Japan on March 11, 2011 left the
coastal area of Tohoku region devastated. AMDA dispatched a
medical team to Tohoku on the second day of the disaster. Ever
since, and through the assessed needs of continued support in
Tohoku, AMDA had built the Otsuchi Health Support Center
in Otsuchi-cho, Iwate Prefecture, with the generous support of
MERCY Malaysia.

MERCY Malaysia’s efforts
MERCY Malaysia and AMDA collaborated to carry out the
construction of the Health Support Centre. The centre has two
functions: an acupuncture clinic and community area. The multifunctional
community area contributes towards the community’s
rebuilding and recovery process through various social
opportunities that are conducted in a healthy atmosphere. It was
officially opened in December 2011, while the second building
was opened in March 2012, with contributions from MERCY