Basic Health Centre in Zam Zam IDP Camp

Project Basic Health Centre in Zam Zam IDP Camp

To improve the healthcare of internally displaced people (IDPs) and to reduce the morbidity and mortality rate among the community

Project Partners WHO, UNFPA, HAC, UNICEF, WES

• Full range of primary health care (PHC) and reproductive health services • Referral cases to El Fasher Hospital

Locations North Darfur
Period January-December 2011

64378 patients were seen throughout the year

MERCY Malaysia has been engaged in North Darfur since
2009, providing medical attention to Internally Displaced
Persons (IDPs) in Zam Zam camp. A 2004 conflict that
occurred in Darfur forced villagers to become refugees in
their own country. Since then, the people of Darfur battle
death each day due to various causes, including diseases
and malnutrition.

As the influx of IDP continues, MERCY Malaysia and
partners remain on location to offer health services for
this vulnerable group of people to prevent the situation
from deteriorating further.

MERCY Malaysia efforts
A basic health centre was built to run a full range of
primary health care (PHC) and reproductive health
services, seven hours a day, six days a week for the whole
ZamZam camp population. An average of 230 patients
are being treated and consulted in the clinic each day. In
addition to that, MERCY Malaysia has a stand-by vehicle
as an ambulance service from 9am to 3pm to refer
emergency cases to either El Fasher Teaching Hospital
or El Fasher New Hospital which includes a Fistula Care
Centre. With the continuation of the full range PHC
elements, MERCY Malaysia has been able to contain
the most communicable diseases below the emergency