1. To provide the beneficiaries with basic health facilities

2. To reduce the rate of maternal and infant mortality rates by promoting safe pregnancy and delivery

3. To promote and disseminate best hygiene practices and health education to the surrounding communities.

Project Partners -

Providing quality health care services to the community in Biratpur and the adjoining rural areas.

Locations Bihar
Period 2009

Over 20,000 patients received treatment at the health centre in 2009, with approximately 50 babies delivered in the health centre during this period. The health centre staff also managed to carry out 32 community meetings over the past year.


Following MERCY Malaysia’s response to the floods when the eastern embankment of Kosi breached back in 2008, MERCY Malaysia embarked on this project as a long-term effort to provide quality primary health care to the community of Biratpur and other neighbouring rural areas in the Saharsa district, especially to the poor and those in need.

MERCY Malaysia’s health centre is located in one of the less developed regions in Bihar. As most of the men now work in other states of India, the majority of the people left in the villages are women, children and senior citizens.

Mortality rates of infants & children have risen substantially together with the maternal & mortality ratio. Malnutrition among children is a serious problem in Saharsa as is the spread of communicable diseases, especially malaria and tuberculosis among members of the community.

As the nearest hospital is more than an hour away by car, MERCY Malaysia’s presence is essential in providing quality health care services to the community in Biratpur and the adjoining rural areas.