Capacity Building for Local Authorities and Civil Society Organisations on Disaster Risk Reduction

Project Capacity Building for Local Authorities and Civil Society Organisations on Disaster Risk Reduction

• Improve Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) awareness and capacity of 15 district governments across four provincial governments in Java • Improve DRR awareness and capacity of Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) in Eastern part of Indonesia

Project Partners Yayasan SHEEP Indonesia

• Regional and Sub Regional Capacity Building Workshop between local government and CSOs • Community Based Disaster Risk Management (CBDRM) Sensitisation Workshop for CSOs from East Indonesia

Locations Java and East Indonesia
Period Phase 2: April 2010 - April 2011

• Recommendations to address identified issues relating to authorities and CSO partnership in DRR are formulated and shared amongst stakeholders • CSOs in East Indonesia have increased knowledge and interest in Community Based Disaster Risk Management • Produced a book on Best Practices based on 2009 CBDRM Training with CSOs in West Indonesia workers

In 2009, MERCY Malaysia established a partnership
with Yayasan SHEEP Indonesia and ran a project aimed
at developing knowledge and skills of CSOs across
Indonesia on CBDRM.

MERCY Malaysia, through a series of trainings and
workshops, hopes to develop capacities as well as
synergy between CSOs that work with local communities
and local governments. The main aim is to encourage
positive and more effective working relationships so as
to reduce the risks and vulnerabilities of communities
across Indonesia.

MERCY Malaysia efforts
Regional Workshop on DRR was conducted to discuss
efforts and ways to strengthen disaster preparedness
in Indonesia which includes enhancing the synergy and
relationship between CSOs and local governments.
Among the feedback provided since the beginning of the
project in 2009 was that the capacity building exercises
need to include authorities and also CSOs in eastern
Indonesia as well. Following such feedback, the 2010-
2011 project also introduced CBDRM to CSOs in eastern
Indonesia. 11 CSOs in eastern Indonesia participated in
the CBDRM Sensitisation Workshop.
MERCY Malaysia’s collaboration with SHEEP extends to
developing information, education and communication
(IEC) materials targeted at a wide audience from schools
to DRR practitioners. A compilation of best practices has
been developed in the form of a book with the hope that
the initiatives can be shared across the region.