Central Aceh Earthquake

Project Central Aceh Earthquake

To provide humanitarian response to the population affected by the earthquakes

Project Partners Humanitarian Forum Indonesia

• Distribution of medical supplies • Distribution of baby’s food

Locations Bener Meriah and Aceh Tengah
Period 12-24 July 2013

Distributed 7,300 boxes of medical supplies and 1,200 boxes of baby’s food

Northern Sumatra of the Aceh Province at a depth of 10 km,
or 6.2 miles. Bener Meriah and Central Aceh districts were hit
the hardest by the quake. The Government of Indonesia (GoI)
Meteorological, Climatological and Geophysical Agency reported
that at least two aftershocks occurred with a magnitude of 5.5
and 5.3 in the same days. The earthquakes resulted in landslides
that blocked roads, hampered humanitarian response efforts.
Communication with affected areas was sporadic and direct
contact was limited. The population in affected areas resided in
structures that were vulnerable to earthquakes, according to The
U.S. Geological Survey (USGS). Reports stated that members of
affected communities were relocated to 10 displacement sites
as a result of the quake. There were a total of 53,403 internally
displaced people out of the 183,062 district population. 20,401
houses and buildings were damaged. Approximately 2,500 people
were injured with 42 deaths. Six bodies were reported missing
and unfound.

MERCY Malaysia’s efforts
MERCY Malaysia deployed a Relief Operations Programme
Officer and Reproductive Health Coordinator to respond to the
earthquake together with two local field staff. The team procured
medical supplies and baby’s food in Medan before heading out to
central Aceh to distribute the supplies to the local authorities in
order to support local health systems and MERCY Malaysia local
partners to operate mobile clinics. Medical supplies consisted
of 7,300 boxes and baby’s food with 1,200 boxes. The goods
were distributed among the District Health Office of Bener
Meriah, District Health Office of Central Aceh, Muhamaddiyah
Organization and Dompet Dhuafa Organization.