Clean Water Project

Project Clean Water Project

To supply clean drinking water

Project Partners Palestinian Orphanage Organisation

• Installation of water barrels • Transport of water from central supply to the orphanage • Use of water tank trucks to fill barrels

Locations Al Salah Orphanage, Gaza
Period October 2014

Installed a one month supply of clean drinking water to the children in the Al Salah Orphanage


MERCY Malaysia collaborated with the Palestinian Orphanage Organisation in Gaza to supply one month of clean drinking water. The infrastructure in Gaza had been badly damaged over the years due to violent hostilities with Israel. The orphanage did not have permanent water source. It is crucial however to provide the children with safe drinking water to ensure the sustainability of their education and maintenance of good health.


Thanks to the kind donations of the people of Malaysia, MERCY Malaysia was able to financially support the orphanage for one month. MERCY Malaysia financed the installation of water barrels at the school in a previous project. MERCY Malaysia was able to finance the transportation of water from the central supply to the orphanage for one month during the early recovery phase while the original water source was being fixed.