Cleft Lip & Palate Project (CLIPP), Mandalay, Myanmar

Project Cleft Lip & Palate Project (CLIPP), Mandalay, Myanmar

• To perform surgery to correct deformities, repair injuries, and improve function for underprivileged children aged between 6 months and 6 years old from rural areas around Mandalay, Myanmar • To assess patients to verify the necessity of the operation, estimate possible risks, and determine best practice, in close collaboration with Sitagu Aryudarna Hospital staff • To develop a working relationship with local host (Sitagu Hospital) for future collaboration

Project Partners Sitagu Ayudana Hospital

• Screening of patients by the oro-maxillofacial surgeons and anaesthetists • Pre-surgery education to the patients’ caregivers • Laboratory/blood workups • Post-surgery education on wound care, signs of infection, expectations, and home post-surgical care • Teaching and transfer of knowledge between MERCY Malaysia team and Sitagu Ayudana Hospital operation room staff

Locations Sitagu Ayudana Hospital
Period 3-13 November 2013

47 successful corrective surgeries


This project was made successful by a team from PPUM (University Malaya Medical Centre) led by Dato’ Dr. Zainal Ariff. The team consisted of three oromaxilla surgeons, two anaesthetists, two surgeons’ assistants and 1 MERCY Malaysia staff. They operated on 47 patients ranging from 6 months old to 14 years old.


This is the first collaboration between MERCY Malaysia and Sitagu Ayudana Hospital, Mandalay, Myanmar. One of the objectives of this collaboration is to facilitate the exchange of knowledge between MERCY Malaysia medical volunteers and Sitagu Ayudana medical staff. To ensure compliance and safety, pre- and post-surgery education to the patients’ caregivers were conducted by the team.