Community Outreach Medical Rehabilitation Services for the injured and physically disabled people

Project Community Outreach Medical Rehabilitation Services for the injured and physically disabled people

• To improve the quality of life and support the integration of physically disabled clients in the southern provinces of the Gaza Strip (Rafah City) • To formalise patient case referrals and systematically coordinate the integration of these patients into the community

Project Partners El Wafa Medical Rehabilitation and Specialized Surgery Hospital

• Visits to patients at home for Physiotherapy, Occupational therapy and nursing care sessions • Awareness sessions on disability prevention activities inclusive of distribution of materials • Monthly lectures for El-Wafa rehabilitaion team and other health professionals and the community

Locations Rafah City (Gaza Strip)
Period January 2012 to February 2013

• 629 patients admitted since the project’s initiation, 161 total cases received medication, 166 cases received assistive devices, 402 reintegrated cases into the community • 18, 636 therapeutic sessions were completed • 36 professional lectures were held and was attended by a total of 454 health professionals and rehabilitation workers


Since the early days of the Al-Aqsa Intifada back in 2000, tough military actions and tight security procedures have left thousands of Palestinians killed and many others injured, displaced and homeless. “Operation Cast Lead”, as the Israeli army called its campaign against the Gaza Strip, constituted one of the most violent episodes in the recent history of the occupied Palestinian territory. The Palestinian Centre for Human Rights estimated that 14,172 Palestinians were killed and many more were injured during the 22-day military campaign.


El Wafa Medical Rehabilitation and Specialised Surgery Hospital located in Gaza City (Northern Gaza), is the only hospital offering such services, it was badly damaged during the conflict. Recognising the hospital’s importance, not only during the conflict but also after, MERCY Malaysia partnered with El Wafa Hospital and helped reconstruct the hospital’s damaged facilities. The partnership led to the initiation of an outreach programme for specialised medical rehabilitation, which targeted the population of Rafah City (130, 000 people). The project was implemented by El Wafa Medical Rehabilitation Hospital, by employing a professional Rehab Team carrying out house-to-house visits providing physiotherapy, occupational therapy and nursing care sessions.