Comprehensive Health Centre (CHC)

Project Comprehensive Health Centre (CHC)

• To respond to emergency, primary and reproductive health (RH) needs • To implement the Extended Programme of Immunisation (EPI) to combat polio and measles and the Integrated Management of Child Illness (IMCI) programme to reduce child mortality in the catchment area • To set up a Direct Observation Treatment System (DOTS) room where, in addition to medication, food is distributed to tuberculosis patients to support their recovery

Project Partners Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) of Afghanistan

• Attending to the large outpatient department (OPD) and reproductive health (RH) cases each day • Upgraded services to Basic Packages of Health Services (BPHS) • Laboratory examinations and ultrasound scanning • Mobile clinic EPI to immunize against Polio

Locations Kandahar City, Afghanistan
Period Ongoing since 2005

• Increasing patients from 80 to 100 individuals per day (47% children and 13% women) • We have immunised children and women in the CHC catchment and reduced mother and child mortality rate via Mobile Clinic EPI activities • 31 Tuberculosis cases have been detected and treated • 90, 032 beneficiaries benefited from the CHC in 2012


MERCY Malaysia has completed its first decade of relief operations in Southern Afghanistan. The population in the Kandahar province has more than two million people with only 51 health facilities in the area. In Kandahar City, it is estimated that each of the 27 health facilities serve a population of 60,000 people. The number of people living in Kandahar City is growing due to the influx of Internally Displaced People (IDP). During 2012, over 500,000 people were displaced throughout Kandahar province due to the conflict intensifying. This is an increase of 200,000 compared to 2011. Kandahar province now has 21% of the total IDP’s throughout the whole of Afghanistan.


MERCY Malaysia started its relief activities in July 2003, to meet the basic needs of vulnerable families in the southern region of Afghanistan following a request from WHO, UN-Agencies and MoPH of Afghanistan. This was due to limited health facilities being available and the absence of a health facility that was able to provide maternal and pre-natal care in Kandahar city and its surrounding areas. The CHC has 18 staff members working to provide medical humanitarian in the Southern Region of Kandahar, which services supports people in the district of Kandahar City. The MoPH has started a night shift service at the CHC and MERCY Malaysia plans to provide 24-hour services to its beneficiaries to meet the increasing needs of the community . However, extra funding is needed to implement this extension of services. Health – Related Development Crisis Response Health – Post Emergency Disaster Risk Reduction Afghanistan Since 2003, the CHC has gradually increased its medical relief activities, meeting the basic needs of the vulnerable communities and IDP’s of the war-torn of southern Afghanistan.