Comprehensive Health Clinic (CHC)

Project Comprehensive Health Clinic (CHC)

• To respond to emergency, primary and reproductive health (RH) needs • To implement the Extended Programme of Immunisation (EPI) to combat polio and measles as well as the Integrated Management of Child Illness (IMCI) programme to decrease child mortality in the catchment area • To set up, at the request of the MOPH, a Direct Observation Treatment System (DOTS) room where, in addition to medication, food would also be distributed to tuberculosis patients • To render safer home deliveries by training Lady Health Workers

Project Partners Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) of Afghanistan

• Attending to a large number of OPD & RH cases on a daily basis • Performing laboratory examinations and ultrasound scanning • Expended Programme of Immunisation (EPI) via a mobile team • Health education which include topics like infection prevention, early detection of TB & the benefits of vaccination

Locations Kandahar City
Period On-going since 2005

• 70,704 patients were attended to at the CHC in 2010 and all children under five coming to the facility were checked in line with IMCI rul tions • Around 5,654 lab exams were done, allowing the identification of up to 18 types of diseases suffered in the population • Some 35,846 women and children were immunised with BCG, TT, OPV, DPT, Hep B, Hib & measles vaccines


For close to ten years, Afghanistan has been embroiled in a conflict that has caused immeasurable suffering among the civilian population. MERCY Malaysia started operations in Kandahar City, Afghanistan, in 2001 to fill the gaps in the existing healthcare provision in the city, focusing especially on reproductive health. In 2005, at the request of the Afghan Ministry of Public Health (MoPH), it opened the present-day Comprehensive Health Clinic (CHC) in District 3, as an expansion of an earlier mother and child health facility.


Throughout 2010, though the security situation in Kandahar Province remained precarious, the CHC continued, improved and expanded its services. In 2010 alone, the CHC managed 129 vaccination outreach clinics for EPI campaigns, with the EPI team earning top place in a comparative study by the MoPH for the Kandahar region. In addition, the CHC continues to deliver a high standard of reproductive health with a complete set of labour room equipment and ultrasound facilities to detect potential childbirth complications.