Construction of EMAAR Centre for Psychosocial Trauma

Project Construction of EMAAR Centre for Psychosocial Trauma

The goal of this project is to create a one stop centre in Khan Younis offering various psychosocial services to the community in Central Gaza with the following specific objectives: • To complete the infrastructure development of the centre in order to shift the current projects activities into one location. • To carry out educational and rehabilitation programmes for the least privileged community members • To rehabilitate those suffering from psychological illnesses, speech and hearing defects • To run supportive activities that would enable the youth in the community to become productive and influential in a positive manner

Project Partners EMAAR Association for Development and Rehabilitation

The project implementation has the following steps: • Briefing by EMMAR on their requested building plan and a request by them for assistance from MERCY Malaysia • Preliminary & development of design of the proposed building • PDA & Budget Costing and negotiation with MERCY Malaysia technical team • Project Schedule • Site possession & kick-off meeting (construction works initiated) • Daily supervision and progress report to MERCY Malaysia by the contractor • Periodic visit of designated consultant • Project Closing & Handing over

Locations Khan Younis, Gaza Strip, Palestine
Period 1 Year

At the end of the construction, the centre will be able to offer the following:

Psychosocial Care and consultation (currently provided by Al-Amal Centre):
These services provide efficient and high quality mental health services that would, in addition to the treatment of people with mental disorders, moderate the psychological effects of the stresses through providing various preventive, therapeutic, and consultation services.

Audiology and Speech Therapy:
At the level of audiology and speech therapy services, the project will help sustain and strengthen the diagnostic, treatment and rehabilitation capacity of the only hearing and speech centre in Khan Younis city.

Emaar Association main office:
Emaar Association will benefit from the building as it will use one floor of it as its main operational office


Emaar Association is a non-profit organisation established in November 2006 and registered under the Interior Ministry. Emaar contributes towards enhancement and development of the Palestinian community at all levels, through improving the environment, improving infrastructure, enhancing the level of awareness and the promotion of social values through community rehabilitation programmes, as well as providing a helping hand to marginalised and needy people.

When Emaar started their Operation, it concentrated on improving the environment and infrastructure, fighting poverty, and building the capacities of Palestinian youth and students. These efforts were reflected in various projects like maintenance of roads projects, building umbrellas in the play grounds of schools, organising summer camps for the children, and various poverty reducing projects.

In the beginning of 2009 and after the conflict in Gaza, the Emaar Association, together with MERCY Malaysia, established the AlAmal Centre for Psychological Care and Consultation. The centre played a leading role in alleviating the pain and suffering of the residents in the southern areas of Gaza Strip. The centre provides a comprehensive mental health service including outreach programmes. The centre includes a speech therapy and audiology unit that is developing to become a speech therapy and audiology centre in the southern area of Gaza strip.


With more services and more beneficiaries, Al-Amal Centre had to expand. The challenge was a lack of space in the Gaza Strip due to building destruction from the conflict. Thus the speech therapy and audiology unit moved into another building. As a result, Emaar now has three premises: for the main office, for Al-Amal Centre, and for the speech therapy and audiology unit. This has increased costs, but also expands the comprehensive and integrated services that Emaar provides through its centres.