Dental Outreach Clinic at the Chow Kit Children’s Activity Centre

Project Dental Outreach Clinic at the Chow Kit Children’s Activity Centre

• To promote good dental and hygiene practices • To provide dental services for underprivileged and under supervised children living in the Chow Kit area

Project Partners Yayasan Chow Kit

• Dental and hygiene promotion • Dental screening, scaling and treatment • Psychosocial activities • Patients referral to UKM Medical Centre

Locations Chow Kit Children’s Activity Centre, Kuala Lumpur
Period 8 November 2012

33 children, consisting of 20 boys and 13 girls were treated


The Chow Kit Children’s Activity Centre, formerly known as Rumah Nur Salam, is a 24-hour activity centre in Kuala Lumpur, which provides a safe, healthy and loving environment for marginalised children under the age of 18. The organisation supports children and young people living around the Chow Kit area. The centre can accommodate up to 20 live-in children at any one time and an additional 90 day care children. The centre provides food and shelter as well as educational, health and recreational activities for the registered children. Most of them have not receive regular immunisations, access to primary healthcare and have limited access to primary and secondary education.


MERCY Malaysia, in collaboration with Yayasan Chow Kit, set up a dental outreach clinic with the objective to provide dental services to the impoverished and unsupervised children living in the Chow Kit area. The 10-person team, consisting of two dentists, two dental surgery assistants (DSA), two dental nurses, a general nurse, a team leader and two logisticians were at the Chow Kit Children Activity Centre in November. During the mission, up to 33 children benefitted from this programme, where they received dental screening and scaling treatments. Apart from the dental clinic, psychosocial activities were also held for the children while waiting their turn to be treated.