Distribution of Hygiene Kits

Project Distribution of Hygiene Kits

To provide necessary hygiene items to those affected by the longhouse fire

Project Partners Brands Outlet Boulevard, MAA (Shomos) & Limetree Hotel Kuching

Distributed hygiene kits and other in-kind items received from kind donors

Locations Ng Sumpa Longhouse, Sarawak
Period May 2014

Distributed: • 36 hygiene kits • 8 bags of used clothes • New kitchen utensils • 11 boxes of new shirts

The 36-door longhouse at Ng Sumpa caught fire on 13th May
2014, leaving 120 beneficiaries homeless. MERCY Malaysia
Sarawak Chapter responded to the ill-fated event by distributing
hygiene kits. The hygiene kits distributed contained bath
soap, cleaning detergent, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste,
towel, sarong, pails, water scoop and clothes brush. Other
items distributed to the affected families included 8 bags of
used clothes, new plates, bowls, cups, mugs, spoon and forks
donated in-kind by donors.
MERCY Malaysia efforts
MERCY Malaysia received heart-warming in-kind donations
from Brands Outlets Boulevard Branch, MAA (Shomos) and
Limetree Hotel Kuching that were distributed to those affected
by the fire. The affected families were accommodated in a
temporary stay while some lived with their relatives nearby.
The aftermath of the catastrophic event destroyed their
belongings as well as their harvest for the year.