Project Partners The Government of Malaysia
Locations Gaza Strip
Period 2009

Managed to supplies Laparoscopic and hysteroscopic equipment, and camera system to El Hilal El Emirati, Tal Sultan Hospital. Managed to deliver Toshiba ultrasound plus colour doppler to Naser Hospital. Managed to deliver two units of ambulances to Mohamed bin Rashed Al Maktoum Hospital, Gaza City, and Patient’s Friends Bnevolent Society.


Donation of Medical Equipment

The embargo that has been implicated to the Gaza Strip has further disrupted the health services there. Supplies are being monitored and most of them are rejected into the border gate. Many buildings had been partially or fully destroyed during the attacks, this includes the hospitals and health centre around Gaza Strip. Based on MERCY Malaysia’s assessment, most of the hospitals are fully functional and with adequate supplies of drugs but some of the equipment are outdated.

Based on MERCY Malaysia’s assessment in the below said hospital their equipment are outdated and need replacing:

1. El Hilal El Emirati, Tal Sultan Hospital

a. Laparoscopic and hysteroscopic equipment and camera system

2. Naser Hospital

a. Toshiba ultrasound plus colour Doppler



Donation of Ambulances


The 2009 Gaza Strip conflict has further deepened the humanitarian crisis facing the people of Gaza Strip. Hospital wards were not only overwhelmed by the number of patients but are in dire need of resources. The number of injuries stands at 5,380, of whom, 1,872 are children and 800 are women. During the last attack, at least 13 ambulances were destroyed.


The Government of Malaysia pledged a sum amount of money for the Gaza Strip humanitarian relief. RM 500,000 was allocated to MERCY Malaysia to purchase ambulances for the Gaza Strip. In September 2009, MERCY Malaysia managed to deliver 2 units of ambulances to :


1. Mohamed bin Rashed Al Maktoum Hospital, Gaza City;

2. Patient’s Friends Benevolent Society


In January 2010, MERCY Malaysia delivered two additional units of ambulances to the Gaza Strip and they were donated to the Al-Jazeera Sports Club for the Disabled.