Donation of Medical Equipment – Indian Ocean Tsunami in 2004

Project Donation of Medical Equipment
Project Partners Ministry of Health in Maldives


Maldives lost many of its health assets as a result of the Indian Ocean Tsunami in 2004. The capital of Maldives, Male, has two major hospitals; one a government hospital, the other a private hospital. Both are the only two hospitals that provide full service healthcare to the whole country and are the referral tertiary hospitals for the entire country.

Donation of Medical Equipment

In order to strengthen the services of these health centres and quality of medical care in the country, MERCY Malaysia donated approximately RM320,000 worth of medical equipment to the Ministry of Health in Maldives. The items donated included a portable x-ray machine, lab equipment, portable ultrasound machines, wheelchairs and crutches.

Training on Ultrasound Machine

Medical personnel from Maldives were identifi ed by the Ministry of Health in Maldives to be trained in the use of medical equipment, especially in ultrasonography, during the next phase of the recovery programme for Maldives. The training will take place in 2007.