Drug replenishment and Distribution of Winter Kits in Jordan

Project Drug replenishment and Distribution of Winter Kits in Jordan

To provide appropriate winter clothing for the refugees of Syria

Project Partners Sheikh Thani Bin Abdullah Foundation for Humanitarian Services (RAF)

Distribution of the Children’s Winter Kits

Locations Al Za’atari Camp and Jarash, Jordan
Period November 2014

• Provided basic winter kits to 50 families, consisting of blankets, mattresses and carpets • Donated medical supplies


The conflict in Syria, which started as a revolution in 2011 escalated into a civil war that lasts to this day. An estimated 9 million Syrian have fled their homes since the outbreak, 3 million of which have fled to Syria’s neighbouring countries; Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt and Iraq according to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). Additionally, hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees were suffering from temperature drop that was as low as minus six degrees Celcius. Al-Za’atari camp lies 12km from the Syrian border and 60km from Amman. The camp which is administered by the Jordanian Government and UNHCR houses over 115,000 registered Syrian refugees in small caravans and tents. Several international organisations and non-governmental organisations provide social services such as clinics and schools. Jarash is located 8 km away from the border crossing of Da’raa in Syria, making Jarash a popular spot for Syrian refugees to live with their hosted communities as compared to living in the refugee camps that limit their ability to earn a living and have better lives. Unfortunately hosts and refugees alike are struggling to find adequate food, clothing, shelter, education for their children as compared to the facilities provided in the refugee camps that were supported by the government and humanitarian agencies.


MERCY Malaysia identified 50 Syrian families with an immediate need of basic winter kits. The families identified were those who have lost the head of the family or were new arrivals to Jarash, possessing very little or nothing. These families live in small concrete apartments without insulation, carpets or central heating, exposing them to the brunt of the cold winter. MERCY Malaysia provided basic winter kits to 50 families, consisting of gas heaters, blankets, mattresses and carpets. RAF in collaboration with Saudi Arabia NGO partners provided the same winter kit to the remaining 450 families. Additionally, MERCY Malaysia donated medical supplies under the drug replenishment programme to two clinics in Al-Za’atari Camp and Al Zarqa.