Elwafa Outreach Medical Rehabilitation Project

Project Elwafa Outreach Medical Rehabilitation Project

Overall Goal • To improve the quality of life and to support the integration of physically disabled clients in the southern provinces of the Gaza Strip (Rafah City) by providing them access to professional specialised medical rehabilitation services. Specific Objectives A. To continue providing outreach medical rehabilitation services in Rafah City. Services include identification, assessment, treatment and follow up of clients based on individualised care plans. B. To enhance a formal case referral and coordination system for more integration of clients into normal life

Project Partners Elwafa Medical Rehabilitation Hospital

• Selection of project staff which includes project manager, admin assistant, five Physiotherapists, three Occupational Therapists, one nurse, office boy and an accountant • Procurement of technical aids/ orthotic equipment, medical supplies and medicines • Offering daily outreach Physiotherapy, Occupational therapy, and Nursing care sessions • Implementing necessary referrals to other agencies for additional services • Performing four lectures monthly for Elwafa rehab team, other health professionals and community (one public lecture and three professional lectures) • Issuing one brochure monthly as a part of awareness and disability prevention activities • Issuing one journal (20 pages, A5) every two months that involves many articles related to Elwafa outreach project • Holding three recreational (open day) activities for outpatients • Weekly rounds at emergency health centres in Rafah to collect names and contacts of newly injured cases. • Establishing and implementing a referral system in coordination with Elwafa Medical Rehabilitation Hospital • Conducting regular coordination meetings with the coordination body for planning and reviewing the integration activities

Locations Rafah City, Gaza Strip, Palestine
Period March 2013 - February 2014

Total number 8,328 beneficiaries have been treated in this period


Post 2009 conflict situation in Gaza Strip, MERCY Malaysia continues its effort in Gaza by providing medical rehabilitation to beneficiaries who were injured during the conflict. Over the years the project has manage to integrate many beneficiaries from the programme into their society and let them continue to live their life normally. However, the number of affected population still remains due to periodic attacks and clashes. The number of casualties increases every day, some not fortunate enough to survive injury and some others disabled forever, a feature of the life of the Palestinians surviving the decades-long conflict. The total number of disabled people in Gaza strip is 16,214 while in Rafah governorate the number is 1,836. Rafah is bordered by the Israeli-Egyptian borderline thus exposing the community to catch in between any military campaign or assaults which causes the Palestinian to lose their source of income and livelihood. The need for medical rehabilitation in this region is constant.


MERCY Malaysia in collaboration with Elwafa Medical Rehabilitation Hospital decided to extend medical rehabilitation services to Rafah City, Gaza South. Elwafa hospital is the only hospital in Gaza Strip that offers this service but, it is located in North Gaza. The team offers daily outreach Physiotherapy, Occupational therapy, and Nursing care sessions while those requiring additional services will be referred to other agencies. Besides the daily services the team also produces reference materials for public awareness which included disability law, sanitation, community inclusion, Low Back Pain (LBP) prevention and management, proper school bag for children, congenital diseases, etc.

As part of their accountability the team will conduct bi-monthly meeting with beneficiaries to share input with them and at the same time to gather their feedback on the programme. Four recreational days are also conducted for the patients and their families with the aim of community integration. Elwafa also signed many cooperation agreements with other agencies working within Gaza Strip in the field of assistive devices, so patients would benefited from their services for free of charge.