Emaar Psychosocial Programme (Al-Amal Centre for Care and Psychosocial Consultation)

Project Emaar Psychosocial Programme (Al-Amal Centre for Care and Psychosocial Consultation)

• To enhance and support the counseling services that is provided by the governmental schools in Khanyounis governorate • To provide psychosocial care and build psychological resilience among families living in hot areas in the southern area of Gaza Strip

Project Partners Emaar for development and rehabilitation

Services provided by the centre are: • Confident Counsellor Programme • Family Support Programme • Comprehensive Psychosocial Services Programme • Basma Center for Audiology and Speech Therapy • Staff capacity building

Locations Gaza Strip – southern region
Period July 2010 - June 2011

• Psychological support for 1272 women and children, comprehensive services for 535 patients, 727 cases of speech and hearing therapy • Psychological support for 986 students in the Southern Area of Gaza Strip Schools through the Student Support Programme

A recent survey shows that psychological distress
and pathology are among the most significant health
consequences of the blockade and “Operation Cast
Lead”, affecting virtually the entire Gaza population.
Symptoms range from fear of loneliness and darkness,
sleep disturbances, eating disorders and weight loss or
gain, frustration and depression, nervousness and lack of
self-care and child-care.

Children were, in particular, severely affected by the
psychological trauma of the military operations. A study
conducted in March 2009 to assess the relationship
between war traumatic experiences due to Cast Lead
indicated that 61.5% of children showed severe to very
severe Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PSTD) reactions.

MERCY Malaysia efforts
Al-Amal Center for Psychological Care and Consultation
was established in July 2009 by Emaar Association and
MERCY Malaysia. It aims to reduce the suffering caused
by the Israeli war on Gaza through a comprehensive
psychological care for the people in need.
The centre offers programmes aimed at addressing
the psychological needs of communities, including
therapeutic interventions as well as speech and hearing