EMAAR Psychosocial Programme

Project EMAAR Psychosocial Programme

• To strengthen the rule of school counselors, and involve teachers in enhancing the psychological wellbeing of children in the schools • To provide Psychosocial Care and build Psychological resilience among families living in hot areas of Gaza Strip • To offer comprehensive community mental health services • To provide a specialized interventions in audiology and speech therapy field

Project Partners Emaar Association for Development & Rehabilitation

Inside the center, there were main programs that are implemented, every program had its own activities, the programs were: • Your Confident Counselor Program-Bank of Points • Family support program • Comprehensive Psychological Services Program • Psychological support and psychotherapy • Psychometrics (Intelligence Tests) • Electroencephalography (EEG) services • Play Therapy • Training and rehabilitation program • Speech Therapy Unit (Basma Center for Audiology and Speech Therapy) • Capacity Building for the staff

Locations Khan Younis, Gaza Strip, Palestine
Period July 2013 – June 2014

Outcomes of the program:

1- Your Confident Counselor Program- Bank of Points
Consultation sessions, Group guidance sessions, Recreational Activities,Educational sessions, Different Activities

2- Family support program
Consultation sessions, Intelligence tests sessions, Mental health of the mother and child sessions, Psychological and social support to the families of orphans

3- Comprehensive Psychological Services Program
Educational sessions, Recreational Activities, Psychological support sessions

source: https://www.mercy.org.my/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/MERCY-ANNUAL-REPORT-2013.pdf


In an effort to continue our support towards the Palestinian people in Gaza Strip after the conflict in 2009 MERCY Malaysia collaborated with Emaar Association, a Palestinian non-profit organization to implement the Psychosocial Support Programmes (PSP).

The implementation of the PSP started in June 2009 after a period of operation, and over the last five years proved to be successful and efficient in addressing not only the needs of people with psychosocial issues and difficulties, but also in building the needed capacities of school counselors, and relieving the pain and suffering of Palestinian families and children. As time passes, the PSP team, and Emaar management used a community response approach. The PSP tried to respond to the needs of the community through the development and implementation of Your Confidant Counsellor Programme, and The Family Support Programme. Both programmes proved to be helpful in building the capacities of school counsellors, addressing the issues of children within their school environment, and provide a gentle window for families through which they can breathe, and ventilate.

For the sixth year, the same strategies and programs will continue but with different beneficiaries, and areas in Khanyounis, in order to offer the services for thousands of people in the region.


MERCY Malaysia and Emaar Association established Al-Amal Centre for Psychological Care and Consultation to offer the following programme and activities:

Your confident Counselor Programme:
The programme approached children concerns and problems within their schools, and thus overcoming any issues regarding the stigma towards mental health. It also provided a good chance for school counselors to strengthen their rule in the school.

Family Support Programme:
Although Family Support Programme succeeded in alleviating the pain and suffering of families and children in hot areas, it is time to build knowledge on ways of dealing with time of disasters. Unfortunately, Gaza is not only still occupied, but also subjected to major hostile and aggressive operations that lead to death and loss of property. The programme focused on hot areas, and enhanced its target audience through the engagement of radio stations.

Speech Therapy And Audiology Unit:
This unit aims to provide its unique service, providing the needed diagnostic, therapeutic, and rehabilitative interventions to all children with hearing and speech difficulties, including those with cochlear implants. The center continues to be the only one of its kind in the southern areas of Gaza strip in offering its comprehensive services.

Comprehensive Psychosocial Services:
Al-Amal Centre offers comprehensive community mental health services to the population of Southern Gaza strip. The center also receives referrals from all the other programmes that are run by the PSP, and thus addressing people at both, preventive and curative levels. The center has a multi-disciplinary tea