Emergency Response for the affected population in the Gaza Strip

Project Emergency Response for the affected population in the Gaza Strip

To address the immediate needs of the conflict-affected population in the recent crisis

Project Partners • United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) • Ministry of Health, Gaza • Emaar Society

1. Procurement of Emergency Medical Supplies • A total of USD $300,000 worth of emergency needs procured in Gaza. 2. Emergency Food Parcel • 445 food parcels of water and essential food items such as dates, bread and flour were distributed by Emaar Society 3. Emergency Psychosocial Intervention • Visits to children, orphans and windows were conducted in hospitals in Gaza to provide them with emergency psychosocial intervention by Emaar Society

Locations Gaza Strip, Palestine
Period July 2014

• Through our field office in Gaza, MERCY Malaysia was able to identify the immediate needs of the people and offered support to the conflict-affected population. • The intervention occurred in a timely manner; exactly in its needed and required time, as people were really in need for food aid, medical supplies and psychosocial intervention. • Emaar succeeded in reaching the target group (poor families, most of them live in the border areas, and affected by the war) and handed them food aid to relieve their suffering


On 7th July 2014, the Israel army launched “Operation Protective Edge” which was a large military operation in the Gaza Strip. The objective of the operation was to target and destroy the military infrastructure of armed groups in the Gaza Strip. However, MERCY Malaysia’s representative in the Gaza Strip, Dr Khamis Elessi, reported that private and public structures such as civilian homes, schools and shops were targeted throughout the operation. This information has also been confirmed by reports from the United Nations as well as the mass media. A 72-hour ceasefire was observed from 5th August to 8th August 2014. No agreement was reached for a further extension or a more permanent arrangement and the attacks resumed shortly after the expiration of the ceasefire. As of 8:00 AM local Gaza time on August 8th, 2014, there were a total of 1,992 Palestinian casualties reported. 73% of which were civilians of whom 31% were children and 17% were women. 9,806 Palestinians, including 2,979 children and 1,903 women had been injured. It was estimated that at least 65,000 people had their homes destroyed. The Gaza Power Plant was hit by an Israeli airstrike on 29th July 2014 that devastated water and sanitation facilities throughout Gaza and caused limited access to water to the majority of the population.


In response to “Operation Protective Edge” in 2014, MERCY Malaysia responded immediately. MERCY Malaysia mobilized its response team to the Gaza Strip to coordinate its relief efforts and assess the needs on the ground. On 19th July 2014, a 2-person team procured, packed and delivered 4,000 emergency food parcels to Gaza residents. Each emergency food parcel contained a variety of ready to eat items and other dried goods that were essential for the beneficiaries’ daily nutritional sustenance. They were distributed to the most vulnerable communities through a partnership with the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), Tkiet Um Ali and Emaar Society. On 25th July 2014, supplies were obtained from a medical supplier in Cairo and loaded onto trucks which travelled with a convoy (16 trucks) of other various relief aid organisations. The suppliers reached the Rafah border and managed to be transferred over to the Gaza side after a few hours of negotiation with the authorities. Additional supplies worth of USD 90,000 were procured by the Ministry of Health, Gaza through MERCY Malaysia.