Emergency Response – Syrian Civil Conflict

Project Emergency Response – Syrian Civil Conflict

• To carry out an assessment on the immediate needs of the affected communities • To assess the medium to long term needs of the health system • To address the immediate need for winter kits for the refugees

Project Partners Christian and Missionary Alliance Church

• Needs assessment • Distribution of winter kits

Locations Mafraq Governorate, Jordan
Period October 2012

500 blankets and 60 heaters have been distributed to Syrian refugee families


To escape the prolonged violence in their homeland, hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees have fled to neighboring countries. The United Nations estimated that by December 2013, there will be 450, 000 Syrian refugees in Jordan alone.


MERCY Malaysia deployed a two member assessment team to Jordan, on 1 October 2012, to carry out an evaluation on the immediate needs of the affected communities and to assess the medium to long term capacity of the local health system. The evaluation recommended for the immediate distribution of essential winter items to the Syrian communities living in the city of Mafraq Governorate, as winter was quickly approaching. Most of the families whom the team visited in Mafraq Governorate were unable to bring along their belongings having crossed the border on foot. The housing units they were renting were mostly empty basic units consisting of a stove, basic kitchen utensils and some mattresses given by local organisations, laid out on the cement floor. As winter in Mafraq Governorate is usually harsh with temperatures falling to zero degrees Celcius at night and snow not uncommon during the peak of winter, the need for blankets, heaters and warm clothes was a priority of every family the team met. MERCY Malaysia distributed 500 blankets on 13 October 2012 and 60 heaters on 25 October 2012, in the Mafraq Governorate to Syrian families displaced by the on-going conflict. The MERCY Malaysia team conducted the distribution from house to house, delivering the blankets directly to the neediest of families identified with the help of the Christian and Missionary Alliance Church of Mafraq, which has been assisting the Syrian refugees since their arrival and has nurtured a strong rapport with the Syrian families.