Enhancement of the Clinical Skill Lab at the Islamic University of Gaza (IUG)

Project Enhancement of the Clinical Skill Lab at the Islamic University of Gaza (IUG)

• To increase the quality of education and students at IUG by ensuring the availability of relevant training and reference materials in the form of mannequins • To prepare medical students with practical knowledge before they continue with their practical training in a real life situations • To standardise the training and clinical application for all students • To provide a venue for in-service medical practitioners to refresh and expand their skills as well as develop their capacity

Project Partners Islamic University of Gaza (IUG)

• Identification of the required training mannequins and other items based on the various field of studies • Advertising for product suppliers in Gaza to provide the required items • Submission of quotations by suppliers • Comparison and selection of items and suppliers based on pricing • Procurement of the mannequins and equipment • Delivery and inspection of the procured items by IUG and MERCY Malaysia • Issuance of payment

Locations Clinical Skill Lab for the Medical Faculty of IUG
Period 1 year (2012)

• Procured and delivered the medical and training mannequins to IUG Clinical Skills Lab • The equipment will be utilised to support the following: – Anatomy laboratory: – The Virtual anatomy computer lab – Physiology laboratory – Histology and pathology laboratory • The lab is now able to accommodate the needs of the medical students and practitioners, as well as the academicians in the College of Medicine and the in-service medical practitioners on the Gaza Strip


The Islamic University in Gaza (IUG) is an academic institution of higher education founded in 1978. It works under the supervision of the Ministry of Higher Education, Palestine and has built strong relationships and cooperates with various foreign universities. Since its establishment, the Faculty of Medicine has strengthened of subjects taught in addition to the practical part. It has sought to build its own laboratories in order to serve their students on various subjects. The Clinical Skill Lab is an additional facility which has been added to the existing training labs, this includes the Anatomy laboratory, Virtual Anatomy computer lab, Physiology laboratory and Histology and Pathology laboratory.


MERCY Malaysia was approached by IUG with the proposal of the Clinical Skill Lab. Upon discussion, MERCY Malaysia agreed to procure the requested items and IUG to conduct the procurement process locally. The tendering process was conducted by public advertisement and the procurement was made via two local companies from Palestine. The following was procured and delivered to equip the Clinical Skill Lab at IUG: Chest Drain Simulator, Cricotracheotomy Trainer, Endotracheal Intubation Simulator, Intubation Torso, Childbirth Demonstration Pelvis, Fetus Model, Sinus Endoscopy Trainer, 2-Part – English, Sigmoidoscopic Examination Simulator, Heart & Breath Sounds Simulator, Deluxe Venous Access Device Model, Clinical Breast Trainer, I.V. Injection Arm, Skin Suture Trainer, Surgery And Laparoscopy Torso, Laparoscopic Trainer, Surgery Trainer, Suture Practice Trainer, Trochar-Trainer, Resusci Anne CPR Torso With Skill guide, Resusci Anne Full body Skill reporter W/Hard Case, Airway Management Trainer, Adult ACLS Manikin With Interactive Arrhythmia Simulator, Adult Airway Management Trainer, Childbirth Simulator, Episiotomy Suturing Simulator, Set Of 3, Auscultation Trainer And Smart scope, Central Venous Cannulation Simulator, Arterial Puncture Arm, Spinal Injection Simulator, Suture Practice Arm, CPR White Manikin With Memory Unit.