Equipping a Mobile Psychiatric Clinic

Project Equipping a Mobile Psychiatric Clinic

Assist in establishing the rst mobile clinic oering psychosocial services in the south of the Gaza Strip, in a manner that is sustainable. • Provide marginalised groups in border areas with psychosocial support services. • Increase awareness on the need of psychosocial support especially after the 2014 war on the Gaza strip. • Improve psychosocial health and social development for people living in the border areas.

Project Partners Emaar Association for Development and Rehabilitation

Purchased and equipped a vehicle to operate as a mobile clinic, including a highly qualied team of specialists. • Performed needs assessments amongst marginalised groups. • Conducted psychological treatment intervention programmes such as group and individual support sessions; recreational activities for children; and awareness raising sessions on psychological issues.

Locations Khan Younis, Gaza Strip, Palestine
Period January 2015 to December 2015

Established a mobile clinic with modern equipment and tools that were appropriate to the local context and was made available to approximately 10,000 people. • Enhanced the psychological health and social engagement ability of 8,330 people. • Completed 830 individual treatments. • Increased the level of awareness of 8,500 people on the importance of psychosocial support. • Improved the psychological health of approximately 4,500 people.