Flood Preparedness Programme for Children in Kerteh (FPP)

Project Flood Preparedness Programme for Children in Kerteh (FPP)

• To promote a culture of disaster preparedness amongst children • To increase the disaster preparedness capacity amongst children

Project Partners Exxon Mobile

• Pre-project assessment by MERCY Malaysia • Training of Trainers for Exxon Mobil volunteers • Sensitisation workshop for teachers and Parent Teachers Association (PIBG) • Flood preparedness workshop for children (10-12 years old) • Disaster preparedness awareness for children (7-9 years old) • Follow- up workshops • Educational workshop materials developed

Locations Kerteh, Terengganu
Period September 2011 to October 2012

• 250 children from 5 primary schools in Kerteh are more aware of flood preparedness • 10 teachers from 5 primary schools in Kerteh and 25 committee members of the PIBG from 5 primary schools in Kerteh are inducted and sensitised in disaster risk reduction and disaster preparedness • More than 60% of the children surveyed after the workshop, reported more knowledge in disaster preparedness and flood preparedness


Kerteh, Terengganu is one of the high risk areas for flooding in the district of Kemaman. The last flood that hit Kerteh was in December 2010 where around 700 people had to be evacuated from their villages. Cases of drowning reported among adults and children within the state. During periods of disaster, children require different kind of attention and interventions compared to adults. Children who have faced disaster situations could potentially be dealing with both physical and psychological trauma for years. Although Malaysia is not prone to major disasters, several states are frequented by seasonal flooding and flash floods. During this time, children from these areas often face the risk of drowning and other health issues due to the lack of proper safety education.


To reduce accidents and risks associated with floods among children, MERCY Malaysia with the help of ExxonMobil, proactively educated the children in disaster preparedness, with a focus on floods. Although children have a different capacity to handle situations compared to adults, they need to be educated in the basics of disaster preparedness which includes risk and hazard identification and the preparation of an emergency bag of essentials (grab bag). MERCY Malaysia encourages children’s participation and enthusiasm to find solutions that would work for both their families as well as the community, when responding to the disaster. With the children’s participation in disaster preparedness, the knowledge gained can be easily shared with their peers, siblings and even with their parents, families and neighbours.