Flood Relief: Distribution of Family Hygiene Kits

Project Flood Relief: Distribution of Family Hygiene Kits
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Bago, which is located 80km from Yangon, was hit by floods in July 2011 following days of incessant rain. The rainfall, the worst in 30 years has caused Pegu River’s water level to reach the 940 cm which is 30 cm above the danger level of 910 cm. More than five million people live in Pegu Region and much of the affected land is a significant area for rice planting. The region’s western part is often hit by monsoon floods. This flood has destroyed an estimated 30,000 acres of rice fields.


In the face of natural disasters, hygiene kits can mean the difference between sickness and health for struggling families. In the Myanmar context, the floods had affected the people’s livelihood due to damaged rice fields and cultivation in general. MERCY Malaysia and some local volunteers conducted hygiene kit distribution activities in the Kyuntharyar Village, which has a population of 1,200 households. A total of 510 family hygiene kits were distributed to those in need, with close assistance and participation from the community themselves as well as local government officials, authority leaders and local organisations.

Hygiene awareness campaigns were also conducted to inculcate good hygiene practices and raise the awareness and knowledge of the community members.