Flood Response

Project Flood Response

To provide emergency response and promote good hygiene practices during disaster

Project Partners NA

• Hygiene kits distributions • Emergency response

Locations Batu Niah, Asap and Beluru
Period 23-27 January 2011

Hygiene kits were dispensed to the Penan community

The incessant rainfall in Sarawak at the tail-end of 2010
caused several main rivers, such as Batang Suai, Batang
Niah, Sungai Sepupok, Sungai Saeh and Sungai Sibuti,
to overflow especially into flood prone areas. As a result,
Batu Niah, Asap and Beluru were hit by the worst flood in
their history, causing large number of people to evacuate
their homes and villages.

MERCY Malaysia efforts
MERCY Malaysia provided assistance to flood victims
in three districts; Batu Niah, Asap and Beluru. MERCY
Malaysia Sarawak Chapter led by its committee members
provided emergency response to the community and
distributed more than 900 hygiene kits. Good hygiene
practices during disaster were also introduced to the
Penan community to create awareness and mitigate the
spread of harmful diseases.