Flood Response

Project Flood Response

To meet immediate hygiene needs of families affected by the flood • To meet the needs of pregnant women who were affected by the flood

Project Partners • Consortium of Humanitarian Agencies (CHA) • Ministry of Health of Sri Lanka • Distribution of family hygiene kit

• Distribution of family hygiene kits for flood affected families • Distribution of maternity kits for pregnant women in the flood affected areas • Training on good hygiene practices

Locations Batticaloa District, Ampara District and Badulla District
Period 25 January - 10 February 2011

• A total of 1055 hygiene kits distributed • A total of 1075 maternity kits distributed


According to the national disaster management centre of Sri Lanka, over one million people were affected by the floods which were caused by heavy rainfall at the end of 2010 and carried on to early 2011. Over 300,000 families were further displaced in welfare centres. Batticaloa was the worst affected area, where 540,144 persons were affected with 38 confirmed deaths, 51 injuries and four missing due to the floods.

The sanitation requirements are very high with most of the wells in the affected areas being contaminated with dirty water. The flood had also caused many families to lose their basic hygiene-related items.

MERCY Malaysia efforts The National Disaster Management Center made a request for MERCY Malaysia to distribute hygiene packs as there were high demands for specific hygiene-related items. Leveraging on a long standing partnership with the Consortium of Humanitarian Agencies (CHA), a local implementing partner in developmental projects in the northern districts, MERCY Malaysia made an effort to help the flood affected community in the Ampara and Batticaloa Districts. Over 2,000 hygiene and maternity kits were distributed enabling flood survivors to maintain good personal hygiene and mitigate the spread of water-borne diseases such as diarrhea and skin-related illnesses. Along with the distribution of hygiene and maternity kits, a hygiene awareness raising programme was conducted in Batticaloa to promote good hygiene practices. The assistance of volunteers and community administrators who worked tirelessly in the rainy conditions helped us greatly in MERCY Malaysia’s endeavours.