Health and Hygiene Education Programme

Project Health and Hygiene Education Programme

• To increase knowledge in the target community of issues related to basic health, hygiene, water and sanitation • To provide the beneficiaries with relevant hygiene items

Project Partners Dhaka Community Hospital (DCH)

• Developing and distributing the relevant Information, Education and Communication (IEC) materials to the participants • Distributing the relevant hygiene items to the family representatives during the health and hygiene education sessions

Locations Pabna District
Period June-September 2010

A total of 210 family representatives received basic knowledge on the topics presented & a set of hygiene kits items to encourage better hygiene & sanitation practices.


The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates that 80% of all diseases in the world are attributable to unsafe water and insufficient sanitation. Many of them are preventable by access to clean water and proper knowledge of health and hygiene practices. In Bangladesh alone, some 125,000 children under five die every year owing to diarrheal diseases. 88% of these are attributed to an unsafe water supply, inadequate health and hygiene practices.

MERCY Malaysia efforts

Realising that practice of good sanitation, water quality and hand washing can reduce diarrheal diseases and hence help lower the morbidity of children, MERCY Malaysia – in close collaboration with the DCH – initiated the health and hygiene education programme in the hope of lowering the incidence of diarrheal diseases among the beneficiaries. Some of the topics covered during the education programme was rainwater use, prevention of diarrhea, personal hygiene and birth preparedness Supplementing the education programme, each family representative also received a set of hygiene items as follows: bucket (20 litres), mug, water pot, water purification tablets, oral rehydration salt solutions, toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, soap cases, toilet brush, disinfectant, washing detergent, nail clippers, towels and hygiene kit bag.