Hygiene Kit Distibution

Project Hygiene Kit Distibution

To provide essential personal hygiene items to families affected by the floods

Project Partners CIMB Foundation

Distribution of hygiene kits

Locations Sarawak • Long Atip • Long Wat • Long Bemang • Long Buang in Ulu Baram • Long Panai, Marudi
Period January and February 2014

Distribution of 681 hygiene kits


An overnight downpour caused flash floods in major towns and cities in the state of Sarawak in late December, 2013. According to The Star online, the rainfall that evening exceeded the 181 mm amount that Kuching received in the whole month of July that year.


In Ulu Baram, Sarawak from 8th till 11th January 2014, a group of volunteers from MERCY Malaysia’s Sarawak chapter successfully responded to the floods with the distribution of 481 hygiene kits sponsored by CIMB Foundation to the affected communities of Kayan and Penan in the villages of Long Atip, Long Wat, Long Bemang and Long Buang in Ulu Baram, Sarawak. On the 8th to 11th February 2014, the Sarawak Chapter mission delivered the second batch of humanitarian aid to 200 hygiene kits to those affected by the floods in Long Panai, Long Pahlo and Long Ukok in Marudi.