Hygiene Promotion and Distribution of Hygiene Kits to Flood Affected Communities

Project Hygiene Promotion and Distribution of Hygiene Kits to Flood Affected Communities

• To reduce the risk towards common diseases related to flood situation by increasing the community’s knowledge towards the issue and its prevention • To promote best hygiene practices among the affected community by providing them with the essential items

Project Partners Pakistan Islamic Medical Association (PIMA)

• Briefing to communities on common diseases, prevention and best hygiene practices during flood disaster • Distribution of hygiene kits

Locations Sindh, Pakistan (District Mirpurkhas & District Badin)
Period 18-22 October 2011

• 500 hygiene kits were distributed to the affected communities benefiting 2500 people

While scars of the disastrous floods of 2010 were
still apparent, the 2011 monsoon season started with
a normal rain pattern. However, what began as an
ordinary monsoon season soon turned into torrential
rains, triggering severe flooding in various regions of the
country, notably in Sindh and Balochistan provinces.
Continuedrains causedmajorbreaches in the agricultural
and saline water canals, exacerbating the flood impact
in various districts. Although the Government responded
quickly to the disaster, the number of people affected
continued to increase. On 7 September 2011, the
Government of Pakistan requested assistance from the
international community.

MERCY Malaysia efforts
MERCY Malaysia Pakistan Liaison officer conducted an
assessment during the flood which identified the needs
of the community that led to the procurement of hygiene
kits sets and dialysis machine.

On 21 October 2011, MERCY Malaysia visited Tehsil Jhudo
in District Mirpurkhas. After a hygiene promotion session,
a total of 200 family hygiene kits were distributed to
the affected communities. Each hygiene kit consists of
toothbrush, toothpaste, bath soap, detergent, towels, pail,
comb, nail clipper, slipper and shampoo. The kit would be
able to benefit up to five people per family.
MERCY Malaysia continued the hygiene campaign on the
following day in Tando Bago District Badin. A total of 250
hygiene kits were distributed among the communities in
the affected area.

MERCY Malaysia also procured a dialysis machine for the
Dialysis Centre of Mispurkhas Hospital which offers free
treatment to the community. The dialysis machine will
be handed over to the centre once the upgrading and
renovation works to the building is done.