Intervention Group for Alcohol Misuse (IGAM)

Project Intervention Group for Alcohol Misuse (IGAM)

• To address alcohol misuse and harm and alcohol-related issues in the community by introducing a Tool Kit • To discuss the community’s problems in the villages and find solutions together

Project Partners • IOGT International • Sabah State Health Department

Workshop ‘Sharing and Strategising on Handling Alcohol Related Problems’

Locations Kota Kinabalu
Period • 11 May 2013 • 28 September 2013

The community leaders in 15 villages took part in the workshop

‘Intervention Group for Alcohol Misuse’ (IGAM) was established
in 2007 under the umbrella of MERCY Malaysia’s Sabah Chapter.
It was initiated due to rampant alcohol abuse and misuse
amongst communities. The resultant problems were accepted as
common among the people in Sabah because alcohol is easily
available. Served during any festival, any social meeting and even
during a mourning ceremony, it became common to encounter
uncontrolled drunkenness during such events.

The IGAM committee includes health staff working together
to undertake the intervention at the community level to raise
awareness related to alcohol problems. Using the local approach
by involving the leaders in the community, we hope to persuade
the community to change their attitude towards alcohol misuse.

MERCY Malaysia’s efforts
The Intervention Group for Alcohol Misuse (IGAM) developed a
standard ‘Tool Kit’ to reduce alcohol harm using World Health
Organisation (WHO) materials as a guide. This toolkit was
introduced to the village community leaders and has been
adopted and adapted in the local affected villages.
MERCY Malaysia has invested funds for the community to start
their own alcohol awareness workshops in their village. The
village committee, together with health staff in their district, will
organise the workshop in the village and do the educational
sharing during IGAM workshops.