Intervention Groups for Alcohol Misuse (IGAM) Seminar

Project Intervention Groups for Alcohol Misuse (IGAM) Seminar

To prevent alcohol misuse in community or organisations

Project Partners Johor Mental Health Association

Training of rural community leaders in handling alcohol misuse


Participated by rural community leaders all over Sabah including Labuan


The use of alcohol especially amongst the indigenous population, men and women alike, is of great concern to every level of society in Sabah. Alcohol is served generously during celebrations, social gatherings and even during mourning period. The number of intoxicated persons are traditionally viewed as indicative to an event’s success. However, it is crucial for people to draw the line between use and misuse of alcohol. Alcohol misuse not only affects the socio-economy and health condition of the individual, but creates a host of related social problems for the immediate family and the society at large.


The seminar, organised with the cooperation of Johor Mental Health Association, trains participants who are responsible in handling alcohol misuse – in this case, the rural community leaders. The programme provided training on proper ways to support and counsel those with alcohol-related problems. People from all over Sabah, including Labuan participated and contributed to the success of the programme.