Khartoum Flood Response

Project Khartoum Flood Response

To provide humanitarian assistance to the population affected by the flood

Project Partners Ma’arij Foundation for Peace and Development

• Primary healthcare mobile clinics • Health awareness campaign and hygiene promotion

Locations Marabia As-shareef and El-Fathi
Period September – November 2013

• Attended to 2,251 beneficiaries at the mobile clinics • 37 outreach mobile clinics together with health awareness campaigns have been conducted for the affected population

Flash floods hit Sudan on August 1 2013 with Khartoum being
the worst affected state. Other affected areas included the River
Nile area, West Kordofan, White Nile, Blue Nile and El Gezira.
Roughly 99,980 people were affected in Khartoum and 500,000
across Sudan with 150,000 displaced, 50 deaths and 70 injuries
as reported by the WHO. One of the major risks to health was the
collapse of 53,000 latrines and a high probability of an increase
in malaria cases. Damaged properties were reported in 14 of the
18 states in Sudan with 26,000 structures in total.

MERCY Malaysia efforts
The Sudanese government requested MERCY Malaysia to provide
humanitarian assistance in response to the flash floods that
affected Khartoum and 12 other states, which caused tremendous
devastation and losses of lives and properties. MERCY Malaysia
sent a two-man relief team consisted of Deputy Head, Said
Alhudzari and Programme Officer, Hilda Zamri to assess and
conduct health related programmes and activities such as mobile
clinics and health awareness campaigns.