Address the immediate needs of detainees in the Detention Center in terms of hygiene and psychosocial wellbeing.

Project Partners • Immigration Department of Malaysia • Malaysian Ministry of Health


Subsequent to the completion of provisions carried out until the end of June, MERCY Malaysia continued its assistance to the detainees in Belantik Detention Center through these activities:

Hygiene kits – Hygiene kits were distribution every third week of the month for all detainees. Items included soap, shampoo, toothbrush, tooth paste. There was also provision of t-shirt and bottom for all adults and children.

Medication – Supply of additional medicine required by the clinic in the detention centre was replenished based on needs or in several cases not covered by current stock.

Food items – Additional food items consisting of snacks and drinks were distributed during the detainees’ check in and release for all detainees as well as daily distributions for the female detainees.

Tube well – Construction of 1 tube well in the detention centre to ensure additional safe and clean water supply for all detainees

Locations Belantik, Kedah
Period 22nd August 2016 – July 2017 (ongoing)

• Distributed hygiene kits every 3rd week of the month to all detainees (exact number of the detainees could not be determined due to the movements including release and transfer). • Conducted cleaning activities in the male cell block once a month. • Replenished additional medications required from the clinic in the detention centre and patients referral cases. • Distributed additional food items (snacks and drinks) during detainees’ check in and release for all detainees as well as daily distribution for female detainees. • Conducted simple learning activities for children aged 15 years and below in the learning class cell. • Constructed 1 tube well in the detention center.


PROJECT DONOR(S) • Mah Sing Foundation • Felda Global 7entures Holdings Berhad (FG7)

In May 2015, some 1,600 refugees and migrants form Myanmar and Bangladesh were estimated to have departed by sea from the Bay of Bengal in the second half of 2015, 96% less than in the second half of2014. In total, approximately 33,600 refugeesand migrants travelled through South-East Asia in mixed maritime movements in 2015.Boats carrying traficked and smuggled individuals from Bangladesh and Myanmar arrived in Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia in what has been termed as the Bay of Bengal crisis. During that time, those who landed in Malaysia were then held in the Belantik Immigration Detention Centre while UNHCR advocated for their release. A majority of the Boat People was then released by UNHCR in July 2016. With the number of detainees reaching more than a thousand at any one time, and the main focus of the staff officers were to oversee the safety and security of the detainees and overall facility, the detention centre was facing manpower shortages to care for the detainees’ overall wellbeing. Although the overall hygiene in the cell blocks improved, MERCY Malaysia took the initiative to help improve the living situation of the detainees as well as address their immediate needs in terms of their health and hygiene conditions. The first part of assistance was carried out between 1st April- 30th June 2016.