Medical and Humanitarian Aid Projects

Project Mother and Child Health Centre (MCH)

Focuses on health care for women and children in Kandahar.

Project Partners WHO, UNICEF

The MCH carries out vaccination and nutritional programmes, supported by UNICEF, conducts health education classes, mobile clinic services and continuous medical education programmes (CME) for the local staff. Our programme is supported by WHO and UNICEF, which provide medicine and medical supplies to the centre. The MCH is the only facility in the area that has on call services for emergency Obstetrics & Gynaecology cases and is fully outfi tted with an ambulance service.

Locations Kabul Bazaar, Kandahar District
Period Since July 2003

Managed by 19 staff, which includes an Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, a child specialist, two mid- wives and para-medical staff, the MCH is strategically located near the Kabul Bazaar in Kandahar City, it caters to the medical needs of five villages and one refugee camp situated within the area. On average, the centre ministers to 2000 cases a month.