Medical & Nature expedition

Project Medical & Nature expedition

To provide essential medical and hygienic treatment and kits to the villagers

Project Partners Sabah Parks and PACOS Trust Organisation

The team provided free: • Medical & dental screening • Treatment • Health education • Distribution of reading glasses and hygiene kit

Locations • Kg. Longkogungan • Kg. Kalangaan • Kg. Pongobonon
Period 19th till 22nd February 2014

The four-day and three-night expedition had benefited 300 villagers along the trail.


The medical and nature expedition to three villages; Kg.Longkogungan, Kg.Kelangaan and Kg.Pongobonon, located at the Crocker Range along the Salt Trail brought much needed medical services delivery to the villagers. The Salt Trail is a route traditionally followed by the villagers and remains as the only access route to the remote villagers in the Park.


There were 13 volunteers from MERCY Malaysia, comprising of medical professionals and also 18 participants from Sabah Parks and 3 participants from PACOS Trust who took part in this expedition. 300 villagers benefited from the expedition, which brought much required medical services.