MERCY Little Caliph (MLC)

Project MERCY Little Caliph (MLC)

To provide children aged between 5 and 10 with preschool education • To ensure all children enrolled received immunization

Project Partners -

Classes for Pashtu, English, Dari, Mathematics, and Islamic studies for 6 days a week • Vaccination programme

Locations District #3, Kandahar, Afghanistan
Period 1 year (since 2005)

39 students graduated from the MERCY Little Caliph

MERCY Little Caliph provides pre-school education for those
aged children between 5 and 10, to both girls and boys to
provide them with pre-school education and to prepare them
for school. Located in the MERCY Malaysia’s Comprehensive
Health Clinic building, the school caters to 30 to 60 children
annually, providing them with basic language, mathematic
skills and also Islamic studies. The syllabus has been approved
by the Department of Education. The programme also provides
these children with vaccination and daily meal supplements.
The programme has been ongoing since October 2004.
MERCY Malaysia efforts
In total, 281 children have graduated from MERCY Little
Caliph since 2005. In 2014, there were 39 students that have
graduated from MERCY Little Caliph. 34 students is currently
studying in the centre.