MERCY Little Caliph

Project MERCY Little Caliph

• To prepare children for primary school • Psychosocial intervention

Project Partners NA

• Conduct classes in basic Pashto, Dari, English, Islamic studies and mathematics based on a syllabus approved by the Department of Education • Vaccinate the students and provide them with food supplements to improve their health and nutritional status

Locations Kandahar City, Afghanistan
Period Ongoing since 2003

Two batches of 30 students each were accepted into the school

MERCY Little Caliph (MLC), which began in October 2003,
provides pre-school education for children aged between
five and ten in batches of 30 children. It started as a
service to make it easier for patients, particularly women,
to attend the clinic and the Vocational Training Centre
(VTC). Its premises are situated in the Comprehensive
Health Clinic building.

During the Taliban ruling, children found it hard to get
education. Girls in particular were often discouraged
and at times banned from attending schools. Now,
post-Taliban, there are still cases of girls’ schools being
targeted by armed opposition groups.

MERCY Malaysia efforts
The children are enrolled into courses which run for two
years at a time, covering classes one to two. Classes run
from six to seven months at a time, six days a week and
three-and-a-half hours per day. Refreshments are also
provided during class, supplementing their daily meals
with nutritious food.
Even though this project does not fall within the confines
of MERCY Malaysia’s main focus areas, it is considered a
worthwhile contribution to the country’s efforts to build a
better educated and healthier youth segment among its
population. It also allows all children, regardless of gender,
to access the education system in an environment where
there is constant exposure towards security risks