Mother and Child Health Programme

Project Mother and Child Health Programme

• To reduce maternal and infant mortality rates among community in North Sumatra Province • To educate and create awareness for pregnant women on the importance of mother’s pre-natal and post-natal health • To enhance local midwives’ knowledge and skills on midwifery

Project Partners Dinas Kesehatan, North Sumatra

• Mother Health activity • Child Health activity • Midwife training

Locations North Sumatra Province
Period January 2012 to January 2013

• 7, 680 pregnant mothers were given pre-natal and post-natal care • 45 midwives were trained for skills and knowledge enhancement


The “Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) World Fact Book” (2010) ranked Indonesia as the 51st nation in the world experiencing one of the worst maternal mortality rates by 220/100,000 live births and ranked 72nd in the world to experience infant mortality rates by 27/1000. Indonesia is hoping to achieve its Millenium Development Goal (MDG) in 2015, by reducing these mortality rates to 102/100,000 for mothers and 23/1000 for infants. Many studies have found women dying every hour from pregnancy complications during delivery; late referral to hospital services, short-staffing and inferior quality of health providers such as physicians, midwives and trained nurses and equipment. There are a number of midwives who have not received training especially in dealing with emergency cases, which is a disadvantage in assisting mothers and new-borns.

MERCY Malaysia Efforts

MERCY Malaysia established a partnership with Dinas Kesehatan (Ministry of Health) of North Sumatera in December 2011 and started implementation of its pilot project on Mother and Child Health in early 2012. The aim of the project is to assist the government of Indonesia to achieve its MDG 2015 target of reducing maternal, child and infant mortality rates. The programme is to educate and create awareness for pregnant mothers on the importance of a mother’s health during pregnancy and post-delivery. This is done through pre-natal and post-natal care education. The programme also provided trainings, workshops and refresher courses for midwives for skills and knowledge enhancement. Dinas Kesehatan recommended that MERCY Malaysia continues its development projects in North Sumatera for a second term in 2013, expanding services into Central Java.