Mother & Child Healthcare Water, Sanitation & Hygiene (WASH) Program

Project Mother & Child Healthcare Water, Sanitation & Hygiene (WASH) Program

• To upgrade the water system in Libungan Toreta
• Improve the efficiency of the system and replace worn out
• Improving the health and lives of Internally Displaced
People (IDP)
• Provide Maternal Child Health in Cotabato Sanitarium

Project Partners Bangsamoro Development Agency

• Conducted needs assessment for water systems • A training session on maternal health for midwives and nurses was conducted at the Cotabato Sanitarium.

Locations Cotabato, Mindanao
Period November & December 2014

Established projects • WASH programs in Libungan Toreta Upgrade system, knowledge transfer, hygiene education • Maternal Child Health in Cotabato Sanitarium


Mindanao has been plagued by conflict between separatist groups and the government (GPH) since 1972 that has claimed more than 120,000 lives and displaced millions. The main separatist groups are the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), and Abu Sayyaf and the New People’s Army (NPA). The NPA is active in the east of Mindanao and some parts of rural Luzon and Visayas while the rest are present in the regions that we will be working in. The most recent major conflict was in 2008 in which 450,000 people were displaced by renewed fighting caused by the collapse of a peace agreement. Mindanao itself is rich in resources but half of the local population remains poor due to the constant state of uncertainty caused by the conflict. Since the signing of the historic peace agreement between the MILF (the largest separatist group) and the GPH on the 15th of October 2012, the situation in some parts of Mindanao (specifically Cotabato) has relatively stabilized, although security is still a major concern. On March 27, 2014, the Comprehensive Agreement on the Bangsamoro was signed between MILF and GPH. The agreement would pave the way for the creation of the new Muslim autonomous entity called Bangsamoro under a law to be approved by the Philippine Congress. Access to the island provinces however remains restricted for international aid workers due to major security concerns.


MERCY Malaysia have assessed the situation in Cotabato in 2013 and decided to focus in health, Water, Sanitation And Hygiene (WASH) and psychosocial programme. To date, MERCY Malaysia has carried out mobile clinics, maternal health training and assessed the needs on water supplies. MERCY Malaysia implemented its projects through its partner, Bangsamoro Development Agency. The objective of the mission was to kick start the implementation of maternal health programme and WASH programme in Cotabato Sanitarium and Libungan Toreta respectively.