Nepal Earthquake – Emergency Response

Project Nepal Earthquake - Emergency Response

To provide emergency medical assistance and relief to Nepal during and post 2015 earthquake • To deliver health services in and around Kathmandu District • To conduct surveillance of disease outbreak

Project Partners Khazanah Nasional Berhad • NSET-Nepal, National Society for Earthquake Technology • United Nations Oce for the Coordination of Humanitarian Aairs • Nepal Ministry of Health

• Ground assessments and need assessments • Provision of a Level 1+ Field Hospital, manpower to local health providers and outreach medical services • Coordination and information sharing with other health providers in the area of operations of MERCY Malaysia • Deployment of Emergency Response Unit assets • Deployment of Psychosocial support team and Child-Friendly Space (CFS)

Locations Shankarapur, Kathmandu, Nepal
Period 27th April 2015 - 21st May 2015

• 3,911 patients received medical care, mobile clinics, and public health education • Setup of a 1 Level1+ Field Hospital • 11 Mobile clinic conducted in various rural communities • 53 volunteers and sta deployed to provide humanitarian assistance • Coordination with other health organizations on disease control and increased medical services