North Africa Mission 4

Project North Africa Mission 4

To provide support to the surgical unit of Tataouine Regional Hospital to cater to the overflow of war victims from Libya

Project Partners • Merlin UK • Tataouine Regional Hospital

• Conducted surgery on the war casualties that were transferred from Libya to Tatouine • Donation of orthopaedic equipment to the Tataouine Regional Hospital

Locations Tataouine, Tunisia
Period 12 - 26 June 2011

• Number of surgeries conducted in Tataouine Regional Hospital : 8 cases • Number of patients treated in Tunisian Red Crescent dispensary : 62 cases


During the Libyan conflict, more than 800,000 people fled Libya as concerns on the people’s safety grew. Egypt and Tunisia are the two main points of exit in which the number of people entering these countries exceeded 250,000 and 400,000 respectively. MERCY Malaysia and Merlin UK have been in contact with each other, assessing the possibility of collaboration between both organisations on the Tunisian – Libya border. Merlin UK has a team operating in Tataouine, Tunisia and another in Nalut, Libya. Since there is no proper referral system set up in Nalut, patients are being transported across the border for emergency treatment, a journey that takes close to four hours. As Merlin UK looks to focus primarily on setting up a proper system in Nalut so that patients can receive treatment as quickly as possible, MERCY Malaysia proposed to send a team over to complement the services provided by Merlin UK in Tataouine.


MERCY Malaysia sent a team to Tunisia consisting mainly of doctors and nurses to support the surgical unit of Tatouine Regional Hospital. The team assisted in several surgical procedures and had conducted medical consultations for war victims that had migrated to Tunisia.

Successively, MERCY Malaysia deployed a fourth team (full surgical team) comprising of one orthopaedic surgeon, two OT nurses, one anaesthetist and one logistician. The team was deployed for two weeks and attached to Tataouine Regional Hospital near the border of Tunisia – Libya. As there is a shortage of surgical equipment, the team brought along with them a complete orthopaedic surgical set which was later donated to the hospital.