Outpatient Department at Ormoc District Hospital and ERU mobilisation

Project Outpatient Department at Ormoc District Hospital and ERU mobilisation

To provide life-saving medical and health services in the areas of greatest need which will reduce the mortality and morbidity rates in areas of operation • To prevent or contain the outbreak of communicable diseases in all areas of operation • To address public health concerns within all areas of operation that may be caused by gaps in other sectors • To support and assist local health agencies in their recovery efforts to ensure that the health system returns to full functionality

Project Partners Ormoc District Hospital

• Primary Health Care Services • Wound dressing / Wound care • Health Surveillance

Locations Leyte Island
Period 18 November – 26 December 2013

The ERU was fully functional for more than one month running for 6-and-a-half days a week till the rehabilitation of ODH was completed by the technical team

The damage to the local health facilities, from barangay (village)
health stations to primary and level 1 hospitals, crippled the ability
of the local health service providers to respond to the needs of the
communities to the scale that was required in the first three weeks.
Many barangay health centres suffered total destruction while
many hospitals were unable to function as a result of immense
damage to the roof structure.

MERCY Malaysia’s efforts
MERCY Malaysia’s first medical team arrived in Ormoc on 15
November and the base of operation was established in Ormoc
District Hospital (ODH), a hospital with a 100-bed capacity that
was badly damaged by Haiyan. The hospital’s outpatient services
were halted indefinitely and the inpatient capacity was reduced to
only 20 beds as the two blocks housing the Operation Theatre and
all patient wards suffered extensive damage. The only functional
building at the time was the administrative block where patients
were housed in the hallway and lobby.

The Emergency Response Unit (ERU) was deployed on 18
November 2013 to be based in the compounds ODH as the
temporary Outpatient Department to cater to the health needs of
the affected communities in Ormoc City. The team also facilitated
medical evacuations of patients who required immediate
specialist treatment to more advanced heath facilities in Cebu.
The ERU ceased operations on 26 December 2013 with more
than thousands of consultations conducted during the emergency