Outreach Clinic for indigenous community

Project Outreach Clinic for indigenous community

To provide primary health care for indigenous community

Project Partners Malaysia Airlines and supported by Jabatan Kemajuan Orang Asli Kluang

• Hygiene Kits distribution • Primary health screening and treatment

Locations Kg. Kuala Sengka, Kg. Air Pasir and Kg. Sedohok, Kluang
Period • 17 June 2011 (Hygiene Kits distribution) • 1 October 2011 ( Primary health screening and treatment)

Hygiene Kit Distribution : A total of 145 hygiene kits were distributed Medical Services : 105 adults and children benefitted from this programme

Since 2010, MERCY Malaysia provided basic health
treatment and screening for the indigenous community
in Kg. Kuala Sengka, Kg. Air Pasir and Kg. Sedohok due
to the difficulty faced by community members accessing
healthcare. This programme is an extension ofthe Change
for Charity fundraising campaign, a collaborative 3-year
fundraising effort between MERCY Malaysia and Malaysia
Airlines to collect inflight donations from long-haul flights.

MERCY Malaysia efforts
18 medical and non-medical volunteers including
students, participated in the programme by setting up
the clinic and conducting a primary health care checkup.
Hygiene kits were also distributed to the community.
The community was also given talks on reproductive
health issues in order to create awareness