Outreach Clinic Program – 5 villages

Project Outreach Clinic Program – 5 villages

• To provide basic medical screening • To provide dental treatment • To perform pap smear test • To conduct eye screening for adults • To provide health education

Project Partners Hospital Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah (HOSHAS) Temerloh, Pahang

• Conducted basic medical screening • Provided dental treatment • Pap smear test • Eye screening for adults • Health education

Locations Kinabatang district: • Kg. Inarad • Kg. Langga • Kg. Likowon • Kg. Tudungin • Kg. Bandari
Period 23rd to 25th May 2014

The medical team treated a total of 357 beneficiaries from five villages


Since 2003, MERCY Malaysia operated mobile clinics in the remote areas of Sabah with limited access to healthcare services. MERCY Malaysia worked with Hospital Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah (HOSHAS) Termeloh, Pahang to conduct a mobile clinic for the villagers. This was the 5th Outreach clinic mission in Sabah.


MERCY Malaysia deployed a medical team to the Kinabatangan district for an eight-day mission in May 2014. A talk was given to the villagers to raise the awareness on the importance of hygiene. Hygiene kits were distributed by the volunteers to the beneficiaries. A total number of 357 beneficiaries were treated by the medical team during the programme. This was the first time that the HOSHAS team partnered with MERCY Malaysia for a medical mission in the remote village. They hope to engage in similar activities and programmes initiated by MERCY Malaysia in the future.