Outreach Clinic

Project Outreach Clinic

• To increase public health awareness among rural communities and Orang Asli. • To increase awareness on reproductive health • To promote the importance of maintaining good personal hygiene • To introduce oral health treatments to the rural communities

Project Partners UMW Corporation Sdn Bhd

• Basic medical screening • Dental treatment • Pap smear test and breast examination • Eye screening for adults • Conducted health & hygiene education sessions • Distributed hygiene kits • Provided BMI-BP-Cholesterol-Blood Glucose Test • Conducted talks and demonstration on First Aid Kit • Counselling sessions

Locations • Kg Mongkos • Long Bemang, Ulu Baram • Sungai Asap, Balaga • Kg Buduk Nur, Ba’Kalalan
Period • 15th February 2014 • 2nd to 5th May 2014 • 13th to 16th September 2014 • 4th to 6th December 2014

For all four missions, the total number of beneficiaries that received aid as well as the number of patients served at each category were as follows: • Medical: 1,207 patients • Dental: 372 patients • Pap Smear: 199 women • Hygiene Kits: 1,350 families • Reading Glasses: 443 persons • School Kit: 300 students


This partnership with UMW through the UMW Humanitarian Grant enabled MERCY Malaysia to provide vital health services which included primary health care services and health screening. MERCY Malaysia provided the above services to remote communities and ‘Orang Asli’ in Sarawak, complementing the Government of Malaysia’s efforts to uplift their health and living standards. Therefore, the best way to further reduce this gap is through the implementation of outreach clinics. Outreach clinics are an integral part of the health care safetynet for vulnerable populations in remote areas. The definition for ‘outreach clinic’ varies from one project to another project; however, under the Humanitarian grant, the outreach clinic provides health services to rural population groups. Eligible outreach clinics are required to provide medical care, reproductive health, dental care, eye care, health talk, hygiene promotion and fire risks reduction programmes.


MERCY Malaysia aimed to increase public health awareness among rural communities and Orang Asli. Through continuous outreach clinics and health education sessions, the community has managed to maintain and improve their health conditions. Rural communities now realised that they could seek medical treatment when they fall ill. Most importantly, through the referral system, the communities understand that chronic diseases could be controlled or cured if they follow the advice provided by their healthcare professionals and take their medications diligently. On reproductive health, more female beneficiaries became conscious on having regular breast screening and Pap smear test. They are now aware of the risks of breast cancer and cervical cancer. Many of the rural communities have no access to oral health services. MERCY Malaysia, through the generous support from the UMW Humanitarian Grant has successfully introduced oral health treatments to rural communities.