• Increase access to health and dental services among the rural communities. • Increase the level of awareness on reproductive health. • Help instil the the importance of maintaining good hygiene practice in their lifestyle.

Project Partners Forest Solution Company (in Kota Marudu only)


For this program, MERCY Malaysia Sabah Chapter deployed our team of sta and volunteers alongside partners to provide free medical screening and treatments, dental screening and treatments, eye check up with provision of reading glasses, distribution of hygiene kits, pap smear tests, and conducted health talks to promote and increase awareness on health issues. The following table shows the total number of beneficiaries treated in 2016:









“Through my rst mission at Kg Inarad, I was made to know that I was the rst optometrist to join MERCY Malaysia Sabah Chapter’s mission and feel honoured because I could serve the communities in the interior.” – Ms Sit Jo Anne, volunteer

Locations Kg Abingkoi, Tenom Kg Sonsogon Magandai, Kota Marudu Kg Inarad, Kinabatangan
Period 26-28 August 2016 (Tenom) 23-25 September 2016 (Kota Marudu) 21 Oct-23 October 2016 (Kinabatangan)

663 beneciaries in 3 villages received free medical screening, dental services, pap smear test, reading glasses and hygiene kits


There are thousands of villages in the interior of Sabah that has limited access to medical facilities due to the remote locations and lack of infrastructure. Since 2003, MERCY Malaysia has operated Outreach Clinics in areas identied to require such services, where the nearest hospitals are between 20-50 kilometres away, and the cost to travel for medical services can reach up to RM50- RM200 for a return trip. Access to these areas are usually only by 4-wheel drives, on foot, boats or helicopter. In 2016, MERCY Malaysia Sabah Chapter identied 3 villages for this program which are: o Kg Abingkoi, Tenom: The communities are mainly from the Murut ethnicity and are Christians. They are self-sufficient farmers and some are rubber-tappers. The nearest clinic is at Klinik Kesihatan Kemabong which is 20km away and the villagers have to pay RM30.00 return trip to visit this Klinik Kesihatan. o Kg Sonsogon Magandai, Kota Marudu: The communities are mainly from Dusun Sundazo community. They are subsistence rubber tappers, farmers and some are planters. For medical emergencies, the community will have to make a call to Hospital Kota Marudu, and the hospital will send a helicopter to pick up patients. o Kg Inarad, Kinabatangan: The main ethnic group is Murut. The communities’ source of income comes from farming, working in palm oil estates and logging companies. The nearest health facility is Penangah Health Clinic, which is 4.5 hours away and costs RM100.00 for a return trip.