• Increase access to health and dental services among the rural communities. • Increase the level of awareness on reproductive health. • Help instil the the importance of maintaining good hygiene practice in their lifestyle.

Project Partners Sarawak Forest Department (in Ba’ Medamot only)


For this program, MERCY Malaysia Sarawak Chapter deployed our team of sta and volunteers alongside partners to provide free medical screening and treatments, dental screening and treatments, eye check up with provision of reading glasses, distribution of hygiene kits, pap smear tests, and conducted health talks to promote and increase awareness on health issues. There were also interactive activities for the children conducted to further engage with them. The following table shows the total number of beneficiaries treated in 2016:


Locations • Sg Selungo, Ulu Baram
Period • 21st– 24th July 2016 (Sg Selungo) • 28th– 31st July 2016 (Ba’ Medamot) • 25th– 27th November 2016 (Ulu Engkari)

437 beneciaries in 3 villages received free medical screening, dental services, pap smear test, reading glasses and hygiene kits


Since 2003, MERCY Malaysia has operated Outreach Clinics in the interiors of Sarawak which have been identied to be in need of medical services due to their remote locations. In such areas, the nearest hospitals are between 20-50 kilometres away and the cost to travel for medical services can reach up to RM50-RM200. Access to these areas are usually only by 4-wheel drives, on foot, boats or helicopter. In 2016, MERCY Malaysia Sarawak Chapter identied 3 villages for this program which are: o Long Kerong, Sg Selungo: The communities are from the Penan ethniciity. Their economic activities are farming and hunting. As the mode of transportation to reach this village is by longboats, logging road or twin otter ight, the nearest clinic to Long Kerong, Sg Selungo is Klinik Kesihatan Long Banga which is about 48 km away. o Ba’Medamot, Limbang: Two sessions were held for this location, which were in Ulu Limbang lodging camp and Ba’ Medamot village. The communities around the area are from the Penan ethnicity, and their economic activities involve farming and hunting. The journey to the village takes about 6 hours by 4-wheel drive through logging road from Limbang town, including mountain trekking from the foothills.

o Ulu Engkari Lubok Antu, Sri Aman: The communities around the area are from the Penan ethnicity and are mainly farmers and hunters. To reach this village, one has to take a 6.5-hour drive from Sri Aman town, followed by a 5-hour longboat ride from the Batang Ai Dam. The nearest clinic from the village can only be accessed by river which takes about an hour to reach by long boat.